A 5-week course guiding you to not only move abroad but sustain a thriving life abroad.

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All our courses come with materials to help you continue your journey upon completion.

WEEK 1: You + Your Vision of Living Abroad

Topics Covered:

Living Abroad as a Pathway to Wellness

Who You Are & What You Want

Developing & Supporting Your Vision of a Life Well-Lived Abroad

WEEK 2: Country-Selection

Topics Covered:

Aligning Your Values

Getting Clear on Your Lifestyle Abroad

The Importance of History & Politics

Understanding the Country’s Economy & How it Affects You

Health Care Analysis

WEEK 3: Working Abroad + Money Management

Topics Covered:

How to Find Work Abroad

Maintaining Professional Wellness Abroad

Key Considerations of Managing Money Abroad

WEEK 4: Preparing to Go

Topics Covered:

Creating a Moving Abroad Budget

Going on a “Look-See”

Preparation Checklist

Relocation Services vs. DIY

Dealing with Supportive & Unsupportive Family & Friends

Getting Over the Fear of Failing Abroad

WEEK 5: Arriving & Settling In

Topics Covered:

Finding Housing

Learning Language & Cultural Adaption

Isolation & Homesickness

Making Friends & Building Community

Preparing for a Long-Term Stay


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Christine remembers how daunting it was to move abroad. After her own experience and interviewing dozens of other women who have done it too, she created this thoughtfully structured course to guide the planning process. The course is so comprehensive that you level up your knowledge and confidence so much faster than if you were to do it on your own and try to figure it out as you go.
Cynthia N. 

It’s NOT About Escaping, but Sustainably Thriving Abroad

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Move Abroad with Intention Course

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