Top Podcasts of 2021 Produced By & For Black Women Living & Thriving Abroad

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Picky Girl Travels the World

Adalia Aborisade is a veteran educator, world traveler, and serial ex-pat. After reaching financial independence on a teacher’s salary, she packed up her then 15-year-old daughter, canine sidekick, and sewing machine for a move to Honduras and has never looked back. Since her initial leap abroad, she has lived in Kuwait, China, and now is based in Mexico City, Mexico. Listen to her story here.

Her podcast, The Picky Girl Travels podcast was created for Black women who want more out of life. Join Adalia as she shares insights gained from creating a life of her own design, including how she made it happen on a teacher's salary. Expect to hear from women living life to the fullest by defying convention, embracing adventure, and most importantly, doing so with no regrets.

Wonders of Wanders

Davida’s path to travel began with her grandmother’s Ananse stories under the starry nights of a Ghanaian childhood. Fusing this into a creative path, she pursued her undergraduate degree in Journalism and Communication Studies with French, and Master’s in Responsible Tourism Management. Davida currently resides in London. Listen to Davida’s story here.

Her podcast, Wonders of Wanders, is a feast of audio storytelling that brings the travel, food, and culture moments directly to your ears.

Kurly in Kansai

Ayana Wyse is a creative from the suburbs of New York. Living in Osaka since 2011 she has been involved in creating a community for the Black foreigners throughout Japan. She is the founder of the Facebook group and collective called Black Creatives Japan. Listen to her story here.

Her podcast, Kurly in Kansai (now ended), showcased her and her co-host’s, two Black women, experience living in the Kansai area of Japan. In the city of Osaka to be exact.

Flourish in the Foreign

I, of course, had to include my podcast, Flourish in the Foreign! I decided to move abroad to Spain after I completed the Camino de Santiago in 2014. I finally made the leap abroad in 2017, living in La Rioja and Barcelona. You can listen to my story of moving and living abroad here.

Flourish In The Foreign is a personal narrative podcast that elevates & affirms the stories & voices of Black women who live & thrive abroad. It also explores living abroad as a pathway to wellness, encompassing how financial, professional, physical, mental, and spiritual wellness is influenced by living abroad.

The Global Chatter

As a third culture kid, Amanda Bates’ interest in navigating cross-cultural spaces and identity started young. Her American-born, African-raised perspective continues to have an influence as she provides the creative direction behind The Black Expat to reflect the nuances of black international living and tell the stories that need to be told. You can learn more about her story here.

Her podcast, The Global Chatter is a conversational podcast on international mobility, identity, race, career, and more. Each episode takes a deeper dive into issues related to the expatriate experience, especially as it relates to Black and Brown people. Come for the commentary. Stay for the laughs.

Wine School Drop Out

Tanisha Townsend is the Chief Wine Officer of Girl Meets Glass, a wine lifestyle and education agency. She currently lives in Paris, France where she creates wine and food pairing experiences for ex-pats and tourists, hosts a wine podcast named Wine School Dropout, and teaches wine courses at universities in Paris. You can learn more about her journey abroad here.

Wine School Dropout, a bi-weekly podcast that teaches you everything you want to learn about wine but are afraid to ask. #nodegreenecessary. Produced by Studio Ochenta.

All Things Iceland

Jewells Chambers is an engineer by training but is a career digital strategist. Her All Things Iceland platform encompasses a youtube channel, Instagram page, and a podcast, where she shares Icelandic news, traveling within Iceland, and her life in the country. Learn more about her story here

The All Things Iceland podcast gives travelers the inside scoop on Icelandic culture, nature, history, and language through the eyes of an ex-pat. You'll hear interviews, quirky facts, useful travel advice, and what it is like to live in the land of fire and ice. Additionally, there is a segment of the show dedicated to teaching you an Icelandic word or phrase.

(A)broad in Education

Tiffany Smith is an educator with over a decade of domestic and international teaching experience. She had the opportunity to teach in Casablanca, Morocco, and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Currently, she is a fifth-year doctoral candidate in the Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Her dissertation study focuses on teacher attrition through African American educators who left the US PK-12 system for teaching opportunities in the UAE. Learn more about her experiences abroad here.

(A)broad in Education is a podcast on a mission to (dis)cover routes (roots) through conscious conversations about EDpats. Edpats are expatriates working in schools outside of their home countries.

Burn Bright

Kelley Anne Bonner is a highly sought-after lecturer and organizational strategist who has dedicated her career to researching and addressing the effects of trauma, burnout, and psychological safety in the workplace. Drawing on over 15 years of experience in both the U.S. and Europe, Kelley developed Burn Bright’s multidisciplinary approach to meet both the immediate and long-term needs of clients in high-performance fields like biotech, elite higher education, and Fortune 500 companies. Learn more about her life in England and Italy here.

Her podcast, Burn Bright, is dedicated to helping you keep your personal and professional radiance. Every week she discusses how to prevent burnout, the right way to build a good self-care routine, and how to build a support network that lasts.

Chronicles Abroad

Nubia Younge was called to the nomadic lifestyle 3 years ago when she decided to leave the United States on a one-way ticket to SouthEast Asia. Throughout her travels, she has lived on 3 continents and explored 43 countries. Nubia's passion for travel and the knowledge that she's gained in each country, inspired her to start a travel consultant business. Learn more about her here.

Frantzces Lyss is a Theracoach helping women heal the conflict within so they can reignite their joy. She is the creator of Defying Resistance. A blog that inspires people to move past the resistance in their lives so they can live a life with meaning and purpose. Learn more about her story abroad here.

Their podcast, Chronicles Abroad, uses travel to highlight stories of personal growth. They’re just two middle-aged, single, empty nesters who decided to start a podcast about living, working, and traveling abroad. They spotlight the stories of courageous world travelers, creative wanderers, and digital nomads who share their incredible experiences of the world through their eyes.

The Purpose of Money

Acquania Escarne is a Wealth Strategist who helps clients build and maintain generational wealth through saving and investing. She has lived and worked abroad in Haiti, Dubai, and Ecuador with the US Foreign Service. Check out her tips for building wealth abroad.

Her podcast, The Purpose of Money, shares financial tips, advice, and stories from women on the journey to break free from the golden handcuffs. Each interview has valuable tips on how to create freedom, time, and wealth in your life now.

Loose Change

Deanna Denham is a full-time graphic designer and lived in Hong Kong with her husband and two daughters before returning to the US. Learn more about her time abroad here.

She started her podcast, Loose Change pod, while living in Hong Kong. She says of the podcast, “ I’m learning just how much I can be pulled, stretched, challenged, and broken and somehow keep raising 2 kids. Change is hard, but so is being human. And if you’re changing too, meet your new accountability partner!”

The Jackie O. Life Presents Black Women Doing the Most

Jackie Omotalde has been crisscrossing the globe for the last 20 years. She was one of the original Black digital nomads. She has lived long-term in 7 countries and worked and/or traveled to over 70 countries. She is currently slow traveling the world with her toddler, Ruth.

Her podcast, Black Women Doing the Most showcases interviews and offers advice and tips on moving abroad or traveling full time.

Enterprising Expat

Patricia Qhobela-Jenkins was born and raised in the UK with Lesotho roots. As a serial ex-pat, she has converted her experience as a “trailing spouse” into reclaiming her identity and starting her own podcasting business. Learn more about her time abroad here.

Her podcast, The Enterprising Expat creates a community for women who have left their “passport countries” and are faced with the challenge of rebuilding their lives - over and again in new places.

Black Women Travel

Wanda Duncan is a superfan of Black women travelers. To that end, she's created a Facebook group, a podcast, a conference, and a creative services agency that all center and empower Black women travelers. Wanda tried and failed to leave the States in 2010 to work and travel online as a digital nomad, and for the past five years has been doing that and much more. Listen to her story here

Her podcast, Black Women Travel, shares the stories of Black women who dreamed to make travel a priority. This community of bold women from all over the world have varied travel stories including short-term travelers based in a country, to long-term travelers living as digital nomads or working abroad.

Young Gifted & Abroad

Danielle G.’s interest in experiencing more of the world began when she was a child. She set her sights on France in elementary school and on Japan in high school, and she was fortunate to achieve those dreams by studying abroad in both countries as an undergraduate student.

Her podcast, Young, Gifted, and Abroad is an interview podcast that launched on Juneteenth, 2018. Each episode features a person of color who has studied abroad or had similar international experiences as a high school, undergraduate, or graduate student. No matter the type or duration of experience, the goal is for these stories to inspire current PoC students (and non-students alike) to take advantage of opportunities to see more of the world.

Homegrown Podcast

Marie- Louisa Awolajaa is a race-strategy implementation manager in a legal firm and currently resides in Hong Kong.

She co-hosts the podcast, Home Grown. It was created to inform, inspire and entertain with personal stories of Black ex-pats. Each week a wide range of Black guests discuss their experiences living, loving, and working abroad.

Abroad & Co.

Candace is a travel blogger and ex-pat, based in London. She shares weekly doses of travel inspiration with practical information on all things across the pond,

Her podcast, Abroad & Co., is designed for millennials intent on seeing the world, ditching the status quo, and becoming global citizens. Every week as she gets candid with ex-pats around the globe, sharing their stories & realities of living abroad.

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Christine Job
Christine Job

Originally from Atlanta, Christine Job is an award-winning podcaster and Business Strategist. She is currently based in Spain.

As a business strategist, Christine helps Black women and WOC to leverage their expertise & talents into viable & sustainable businesses, businesses that make her clients professionally fulfilled and financially abundant while pursuing thriving lives abroad.

Want to be a guest on the show? I'm so glad that you resonate with “Flourish In The Foreign” and that you'd like to share your story! Please fill out the this form and if I think it will be a good fit, I'll be in touch shortly to set-up a chat.

Originally from Atlanta, Christine Job is an award-winning podcaster and Business Strategist. She is currently based in Spain.

As a business strategist, Christine helps Black women and WOC to leverage their expertise & talents into viable & sustainable businesses, businesses that make her clients professionally fulfilled and financially abundant while pursuing thriving lives abroad.

Want to be a guest on the show? I'm so glad that you resonate with “Flourish In The Foreign” and that you'd like to share your story! Please fill out the this form and if I think it will be a good fit, I'll be in touch shortly to set-up a chat.