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Flourishing in the Foreign


I started Flourish the Foreign because I kept on getting the questions like, what are you doing? Why are you here? Why Barcelona?

It almost seems like an accusation. How dare you be more than I expect you to be, especially as a Black American woman, how dare you go, see, do, and  say things that are just not within my construct of who you are. And I got really frustrated by that.


I got really frustrated because it's a sentiment that I had experienced while living in the United States.


"Interviewing amazing Black women from all over the world shows people you can go, however you want to go and do whatever you want to do."

Going abroad is an intentional act of defiance

So I began seeking out stories of amazing black women who are also just out here living abroad from across the diaspora. Who were so different in so many ways and who wanted different things out of their life that it really affirmed me.


Had I had these stories when I was younger to inspire me, to motivate, and also to give me a sense of direction  I really believe that I would've traveled and lived abroad sooner. Recording this podcast teaches me that there are amazing black women living all over the world. And interviewing them confirms life can be lived any way you want to.


It may require some planning and some true confidence and belief in yourself. Commitment to making it work and resilience, but you can do it.

Going abroad is an intentional act of defiance. To leave all the things that are familiar and to open yourself up to all of the incredible possibilities for life. It may sound ridiculous, but the act of having to "be you" awesomely is a radical form of awakening—of self-awareness. It changes how you act and how you see yourself. All of a sudden. Choices that were always just a, given an automated at home are now firmly placed in your lap to decide what is best for you.


And Black Women deserve to experience that.


That experience plants the seeds to wellness, and cultivating a life well lived on your own terms.


Learning how to show up as yourself in foreign environments shows you how to flourish despite it all.

Christine Job

Originally from Atlanta, Christine Job is an award-winning podcaster and Business Strategist. She is currently based in Spain.

As a business strategist, Christine helps Black women and WOC to leverage their expertise & talents into viable & sustainable businesses, businesses that make her clients professionally fulfilled and financially abundant while pursuing thriving lives abroad.

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